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Seal.Model Namespace

Main Seal Report Objects: Repository (Sources, MetaData), Reports (Models, Views)
Public classCategoryFolder
Public classCommonScript
Public classDashboard
Public classDashboardItem
Public classDashboardWidget
Public classDashboardWidgetsPool
Public classMetaColumn
Public classMetaConnection
Public classMetaData
Public classMetaEnum
Public classMetaEV
Public classMetaJoin
Public classMetaSource
Public classMetaTable
Public classNavigation
Public classNavigationContext
Public classNavigationLink
Public classOutputDevice
Public classOutputEmailDevice
Public classOutputFolderDevice
Public classOutputParameter
Public classParameter
Public classParametersEditor
Public classReport
The main Report class to store a report definition, plus extra properties for execution
Public classReportComponent
Component of the report having a reference to a Report object
Public classReportElement
A report element is an element to display in a report. A report element is a child of a MetaColumn.
Public classReportExecution
Public classReportModel
A model defines how to generate the Result Set (Data Table) and Series from the database.
Public classReportOutput
Public classReportRestriction
A report restriction is an restriction applied to a report model. A report restriction is a child of a ReportElement.
Public classReportSchedule
Public classReportSource
Public classReportTask
Public classReportView
Public classReportViewPartialTemplate
Public classReportViewTemplate
Public classRepository
Public classRepositoryServer
Public classRepositoryTranslation
Public classResultCell
Public classResultData
Public classResultPage
Public classResultSerie
Public classResultSerieComparer
Public classResultSerieValue
Public classResultTable
Public classResultTotalCell
Public classRootComponent
Base class containing a GUID and a Name
Public classRootEditor
Editor component to edit the properties in PropertyGrid
Public classSealExcelConverter
Public classSealInterface
Public classSealPdfConverter
Public classSealSecurity
Public classSealServerConfiguration
Public classSealServerConfigurationFileReplacePattern
Public classSecurityColumn
Public classSecurityConnection
Public classSecurityDashboardFolder
Public classSecurityDevice
Public classSecurityFolder
Public classSecurityGroup
Public classSecurityParameter
Public classSecurityProvider
Public classSecuritySource
Public classSecurityUser
Public classSecurityUserProfile
Public classSecurityWidget
Public classServerOptions
Public classSubReport
Public classSWIDashboardFolder
Public classSWIFile
Public classSWIFolder
Public classSWIFolderDetail
Public classSWIItem
Public classSWIOutput
Public classSWIReportDetail
Public classSWIUserProfile
Public classSWIView
Public interfaceReportExecutionLog
Interface dedicated to log execution messages