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ReportElement Class

A report element is a column to display in a report. A report element is a child of a MetaColumn.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  Seal.Model
Assembly:  SealLibrary (in SealLibrary.dll) Version: (
public class ReportElement : MetaColumn

The ReportElement type exposes the following members.

Public methodReportElement
Initializes a new instance of the ReportElement class
Public propertyAggregateFunction
Aggregate function applied to the Data element
Public propertyAxisUseValues
For Numeric or Date Time axis, if true, the element values are used for the axis, otherwise axis values are linear. This feature does not work for all types of chart.
Public propertyCalculationOption
For numeric Data elements, define calculation option applied on the element in the table
Public propertyCategory
Category used to display the column in the Report Designer tree view. Category hierarchy can be defined using the '/' character (e.g. 'Master/Name1/Name2').
(Inherited from MetaColumn.)
Public propertyCellScript
If not empty, the script is executed to calculate custom cell value and CSS
Public propertyChartJSSerie
Definition of the serie for the element in the Chart JS chart
Public propertyColumnName
Returns the SQL column name without prefix
(Inherited from MetaColumn.)
Public propertyContainsHtml
If True, the value contains HTML tags.
Public propertyDateTimeStandardFormat
Standard display format applied to the element
(Inherited from MetaColumn.)
Public propertyDisplayName
Name used to display the column in the Report Designer tree view and in the report results
(Inherited from MetaColumn.)
Public propertyDisplayName2
Display name used to sort the TreeView
(Inherited from MetaColumn.)
Public propertyDisplayNameEl
Name of the element when displayed in result tables or restrictions
Public propertyDisplayNameElTranslated
Name of the element translated
Public propertyDisplayNameWithModel
Name of the element with the model name
Public propertyDisplayOrder
The order number used to sort the column in the tree view (by table and by category)
(Inherited from MetaColumn.)
Public propertyDrillChildren
Defines the child columns to navigate from this column with the drill feature
(Inherited from MetaColumn.)
Public propertyDrillUpOnlyIfDD
If true, Drill Up is activated only if a drill down occured
(Inherited from MetaColumn.)
Public propertyEnum
Enumerated list if the column has an EnumGUID
(Inherited from MetaColumn.)
Public propertyEnumEL
Final enumerated list of the element
Public propertyEnumGUID
If defined, a list of values is proposed when the column is used for restrictions
(Inherited from MetaColumn.)
Public propertyEnumGUIDEL
If defined, the enumerated list is used for the display and for sorting
Public propertyError
Last error message
(Inherited from MetaColumn.)
Public propertyFinalSort
Final sort as integer (without ASC or DESC)
Public propertyFinalSortOrder
Final sort order of the element
Public propertyForceAggregate
If Yes, it indicates that the element is an aggregate even it is set in a dimension (Page/Row/Column). By default, the metacolumn flag 'Is Aggregate' is used. This flag impacts the build of the GROUP BY Clause.
Public propertyFormat
If not empty, specify the format of the elements values displayed in the result tables (.Net Format Strings)
(Inherited from MetaColumn.)
Public propertyFormatEl
Final format of the element
Public propertyFullDisplayName
Full display name
(Inherited from MetaColumn.)
Public propertyGUID
The unique identifier
(Inherited from RootComponent.)
Public propertyHasTime
True if the column is a DateTime displaying time
(Inherited from MetaColumn.)
Public propertyHasTimeEl
True is the element has a time format
Public propertyHelperAddSubReport
Editor Helper: Add an existing Sub-Report to this column
(Inherited from MetaColumn.)
Public propertyHelperCheckColumn
Editor Helper: Check the column SQL statement in the database
(Inherited from MetaColumn.)
Public propertyHelperCreateDrillDates
Editor Helper: Create automatically a 'Year' column and a 'Month' column to drill down to the date
(Inherited from MetaColumn.)
Public propertyHelperCreateEnum
Editor Helper: Click to create an enumerated list from this table column
(Inherited from MetaColumn.)
Public propertyHelperCreateSubReport
Editor Helper: Create a Sub-Report to display the detail of this table
(Inherited from MetaColumn.)
Public propertyHelperOpenSubReportFolder
Editor Helper: Open the Sub-Report folder in Windows Explorer
(Inherited from MetaColumn.)
Public propertyHelperShowValues
Editor Helper: Show the first 1000 values of the column
(Inherited from MetaColumn.)
Public propertyInformation
Last information message ther column has been checked
(Inherited from MetaColumn.)
Public propertyIsAggregate
Must be True if the column contains SQL aggregate functions like SUM,MIN,MAX,COUNT,AVG
(Inherited from MetaColumn.)
Public propertyIsAggregateEl
True if the element definition contains already the aggregate
Public propertyIsCommonRestrictionValue
True is the element is a common restriction
Public propertyIsDateTime
True if the element is for Date Time values
Public propertyIsEnum
True if the element has an enumerated list
Public propertyIsNotAggregate
True is the lement is not an aggregate
Public propertyIsNumeric
True if the element is for numeric values
Public propertyIsSerie
True is the element defines a Serie
Public propertyIsSorted
True if the element is sorted
Public propertyIsSQL
True if the source is a standard SQL source
(Inherited from MetaColumn.)
Public propertyIsText
True if the element is for text values
Public propertyLINQColumnName
LINQ Select Column name of the element
Public propertyLINQSelectColumnName
LINQ Select Column name of the element
Public propertyMetaColumn
The MetaColumn of the element
Public propertyMetaColumnGUID
GUID of the MetaColumn of the element
Public propertyMetaEnumValuesEL
List of values of the element enum
Public propertyMetaTable
Current MetaTable of the column
(Inherited from MetaColumn.)
Public propertyModel
Current model
Public propertyName
The name of the column in the table or the SQL Statement used for the column
(Inherited from MetaColumn.)
Public propertyNavigationScript
Optional Razor Script executed if script navigation links have been added in the CellScript
Public propertyNumericStandardFormat
Standard display format applied to the element
(Inherited from MetaColumn.)
Public propertyNvd3Serie
Definition of the serie for the element in the NVD3 chart
Public propertyPivotPosition
Position of the element in the Cross Table: Row, Column, Page or Data
Public propertyPlotlySerie
Definition of the serie for the element in the Plotly chart
Protected propertyProperties
List of properties of the object
(Inherited from RootEditor.)
Public propertyRawDisplayName
Display name of the MetaColumn
Public propertyRawLINQColumnName
LINQ Select Column name of the element
Public propertyRawSQLColumn
SQL of the MetaColumn
Public propertyReport
Current report
Public propertySerieDefinition
Defines how the element is used in the chart. Row or Column elements can be either Axis or Splitter (to create a serie for each splitter value).
Public propertySerieSortOrder
Defines if the serie is sorted ascending or descending in the chart
Public propertySerieSortType
Defines how the serie is sorted in the chart
Public propertySetNullToZero
If Yes, empty cells are set to 0.
Public propertyShowAllEnums
If Yes, all the values defined in the enumerated list will be shown in the tables, even if the value is not the database Result Set.
Public propertyShowSubTotals
If true, a line showing sub-totals is added to the main data table when the value of the element changes
Public propertyShowTotal
For Data elements, add a row or a column showing the total of the element in the table. 'Show only total' means that the columns containing the values of the element will be hidden in the table, only the column containing the total of the element is displayed.
Public propertySortOrder
Sort order in the result tables. Page elements are sorted first, then Row, Column and Data elements.
Public propertySource
Current MetaSource
(Inherited from MetaColumn.)
Public propertySQL
If not empty, overwrite the default SQL or LINQ Expression used for the element in the SELECT statement
Public propertySQLColumn
Final SQL of the element
Public propertySQLColumnName
SQL Column name of the element
Public propertySubReports
Defines sub-reports to navigate from this column
(Inherited from MetaColumn.)
Public propertyTag
Tag used to define the security of the Web Report Designer (Columns of the Security Groups defined in the Web Security)
(Inherited from MetaColumn.)
Public propertyTotalAggregateFunction
Aggregate function applied for the totals
Public propertyType (Inherited from MetaColumn.)
Public propertyTypeEd
Data type of the column
Public propertyTypeEl
Final type of the element
Public propertyXAxisType
Not used (FUTURE). Definition of the X axis of the serie (Primary or Secondary).
Public propertyYAxisType
Definition of the Y axis of the serie (Primary or Secondary)
Public methodChangeColumnGUID
Helper to change the column of the element
Public methodStatic memberCreate
Create a report element with a GUID
Public methodElementDisplayValue
Display value of the element
Public methodEquals
Determines whether the specified object is equal to the current object.
(Inherited from Object.)
Protected methodFinalize
Allows an object to try to free resources and perform other cleanup operations before it is reclaimed by garbage collection.
(Inherited from Object.)
Public methodGetD3Format
D3 Format for a charts
Public methodGetEnumSortValue
Get the sort value for an enumerated list
Public methodGetExcelFormat
Excel Format of the element
Public methodGetHashCode
Serves as the default hash function.
(Inherited from Object.)
Public methodGetMomentJSFormat
Moment JS Format for the chart
Protected methodGetProperty
Get a property descriptor from a property name
(Inherited from RootEditor.)
Public methodGetSort
The display order
(Inherited from MetaColumn.)
Public methodGetType
Gets the Type of the current instance.
(Inherited from Object.)
Public methodInit
Init the editor objects
(Inherited from RootEditor.)
Public methodInitDefaultValues
Init the default values
(Inherited from RootEditor.)
Public methodInitEditor
Init the editor objects and the default values
(Inherited from RootEditor.)
Protected methodMemberwiseClone
Creates a shallow copy of the current Object.
(Inherited from Object.)
Protected methodSetDefaultFormat
Set default format defined in the repository configuration accroding to the type
(Inherited from MetaColumn.)
Public methodSetDefaults
Depending on the element type, set defaut aggreate functions: AggregateFunction, TotalAggregateFunction
Public methodSetReadOnly (Inherited from MetaColumn.)
Public methodSetSourceReference
Change the source of the element, set MetColumn to NULL
Public methodSetStandardFormat
Set standard format accroding to the type
(Inherited from MetaColumn.)
Public methodShouldSerializeContainsHtml
Public methodShouldSerializeShowAllEnums
Public methodToString
Returns a string that represents the current object.
(Inherited from Object.)
Public methodUpdateEditor
Update editor attributes
(Inherited from RootEditor.)
Protected methodUpdateEditorAttributes
Update editor attributes in the property grid
(Overrides MetaColumnUpdateEditorAttributes.)
Protected field_datetimeStandardFormat (Inherited from MetaColumn.)
Protected field_dctd (Inherited from RootEditor.)
Protected field_displayName (Inherited from MetaColumn.)
Protected field_enumGUID (Inherited from MetaColumn.)
Protected field_format (Inherited from MetaColumn.)
Protected field_GUID (Inherited from RootComponent.)
Protected field_model
Current model
Protected field_name (Inherited from RootComponent.)
Protected field_numericStandardFormat (Inherited from MetaColumn.)
Protected field_report
Current report
Protected field_source (Inherited from MetaColumn.)
Protected field_SQL
Protected field_type
Data type of the column
(Inherited from MetaColumn.)
Public fieldIsCommonValue
True is the element is a common value
Public fieldIsForNavigation
True if navigation occured
Public fieldStatic memberkAscendantSortKeyword
Public fieldStatic memberkAutomaticAscSortKeyword
Public fieldStatic memberkAutomaticDescSortKeyword
Public fieldStatic memberkClearEnumGUID
Public fieldStatic memberkDescendantSortKeyword
Public fieldStatic memberkNoSortKeyword
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