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ReportElement Fields

The ReportElement type exposes the following members.

Protected field_datetimeStandardFormat (Inherited from MetaColumn.)
Protected field_dctd (Inherited from RootEditor.)
Protected field_displayName (Inherited from MetaColumn.)
Protected field_enumGUID (Inherited from MetaColumn.)
Protected field_format (Inherited from MetaColumn.)
Protected field_GUID (Inherited from RootComponent.)
Protected field_model
Current model
Protected field_name (Inherited from RootComponent.)
Protected field_numericStandardFormat (Inherited from MetaColumn.)
Protected field_report
Current report
Protected field_source (Inherited from MetaColumn.)
Protected field_SQL
Protected field_type
Data type of the column
(Inherited from MetaColumn.)
Public fieldIsCommonValue
True is the element is a common value
Public fieldIsForNavigation
True if navigation occured
Public fieldStatic memberkAscendantSortKeyword
Public fieldStatic memberkAutomaticAscSortKeyword
Public fieldStatic memberkAutomaticDescSortKeyword
Public fieldStatic memberkClearEnumGUID
Public fieldStatic memberkDescendantSortKeyword
Public fieldStatic memberkNoSortKeyword
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