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Seal.Converter Namespace

Implementation of the PDF and Excel Converter for Seal Report.
Public classExcelConverter
Implementation of the Excel converter.
Public classPdfBookmarkOptionsCfg
Class used to edit the Winnovative.PdfBookmarkOptions properties.
Public classPdfConverter
Implementation of the Pdf Converter.
Public classPdfConverterCfg
Class used to edit the Winnovative.PdfConverter properties.
Public classPdfDocumentInfoCfg
Class used to edit the Winnovative.PdfDocumentInfo properties.
Public classPdfDocumentOptionsCfg
Class used to edit the Winnovative.PdfDocumentOptions properties.
Public classPdfFooterOptionsCfg
Class used to edit the Winnovative.PdfFooterOptions properties.
Public classPdfHeaderOptionsCfg
Class used to edit the Winnovative.PdfHeaderOptions properties.
Public classPdfSecurityOptionsCfg
Class used to edit the Winnovative.PdfSecurityOptions properties.
Public classPdfViewerPreferencesCfg
Class used to edit the Winnovative.ViewerPreferences properties.
Public classSealExcelCfg
Class used to serialize the ExcelConverter configuration values
Public classSealPdfCfg
Public enumerationNewSheetMode